Wii and DS broke US sales records, says Nintendo

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Though sales of Nintendo's hit consoles may be slowing in comparison to previous years' jaw-dropping hauls, during 2010 the DS became America's best-selling console and the Wii sold 7 million units for the third year running.

That puts the DS past the 47 million mark in the USA since the November 2004 launch, with the Wii reaching 34 million in the four years following its December 2006 regional release.

It's Nintendo's way of saying that though sales may be slowing in comparative terms, the company is still doing tremendous business, thank you very much.

Nintendo of America released the numbers ahead of Microsoft's CES 2011 opening keynote on January 5, in which the popularity of the family-friendly Xbox 360 Kinect is sure to be touted, and in advance of NPD's January 13 report on video game sales in 2010.

Nintendo is preparing to launch the DS successor, the 3DS, on February 26 in Japan and then during March in Europe and the US. Precise US and European launch dates are expected to be confirmed by January 19.

Microsoft, meanwhile, continues to make plans for the Xbox 360, its new hands-free Kinect controller, and the Windows Phone 7 platform.

Sony is combining its PlayStation 3 with other manufacturing interests to push consumer uptake of 3DTVs, has a new mobile handset in the works, and is expected to announce the PSP2 handheld during the first half of 2011.