Wild ram head-butts drone out the sky, waits for pilot to turn up then head-butts him too

Pilot claims he knows the ram and that the animal "enjoys our encounters"

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While human beings are busily futzing over the nuances of the personal-drones-and-privacy debate, members of the animal kingdom are taking matters into their hands – one drone at a time.

In a video uploaded to YouTube a quadcopter pilot flying his drone with a first person camera gets a little too close to a wild ram who responds - quite reasonably - by butting the aircraft out the sky.

The drone’s pilot later tracks down the ram and finds his drone lodged in a bush but before he can make a safe getaway the ram tracks him down and proceeds to explain the nuances of consent and filming in public places butt him till he falls over.

Despite this apparently frosty relationship twixt man and ram, the YouTube user who uploaded the clip claims that the two have history: “I recused him after his previous owner was going to kill him for being too aggressive,” says Buddhanz1, “So haters can suck it, I saved his ass.”

Budhhanz1 adds that the ram “enjoys ours encounters” and we’re quite sure it does. After all, if your raison d'etre in life is butting people in the ass with your head, what’s not to like when some ass regularly shows up to get butted?

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