Acting as an exaggerated alternative to the Raw vs Smackdown series with shades of '90s classic WWF Wrestlemania, WWE All Stars offers an enticing lineup of modern superstars and wrestling legends on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PSP and PS2. Read on to find out whether it's ready for the big time.

1UP: B
- "hyper-extreme character design fits perfectly with the arcade-style over-the-top action"
- "Create A Superstar mode could definitely use a little more beefing up"
- "some fun arcade-style play and great mix of Legends and modern-day Superstars"

Giant Bomb: 4/5
- "the wrestlers you want performing their moves in the craziest ways imaginable"
- "feels like the developers set out to make a wrestling game that was, above all, exciting to play"
- "entertaining in a way that no wrestling game has been for a generation or more"
- "great at making your moves look insane and painful"

IGN: 7/10
- "I enjoy the cartoony colors, crazy moves and ability to just jump in and play"
- "some annoyances keep it from being a main eventer"
- "There's no tutorial to teach you the ins and outs... goes a bit too far into hardcore expert town"

IncGamers: 6.2/10
- "falls flat thanks to a lack of depth"
- "What seems promising at first soon devolves into a monotonous chore"
- "you've experienced everything there is to experience in about an hour"

Nintendo World Report: 8/10
- "plays as a 'lite' version of THQ's flagship wrestling title, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw"
- "Each match comes with a slick 1-2 minute video explaining who these wrestlers are and why they go well together"
- "should appeal to most fans who have a nostalgic fondness for wrestling"

WWE All Stars is released March 29 in North America and April 1 in Europe. The official website is