Coinciding with the release of Kinect Star Wars, a new retail bundle for the Xbox 360 features a console styled after R2-D2 and a C-3P0 controller.

Announced during the San Diego Comic-Con, the white and blue Xbox 360 S comes with 320GB of storage, and a white Kinect sensor in contrast to the usual black.

R2-D2's beeps and bloops sound out when the 360 is turned on or its disk tray is opened, and the wireless controller's gold and silver reflects C-3PO's color scheme.

Shipping with both Kinect Adventures and Kinect Star Wars, the whole thing weighs in at $449 in comparison to the standard $399 250GB Kinect bundle and $299 4GB version.

There's no firm release date for the limited edition 360, nor pricing details for its European counterpart, though both the bundle and Kinect Star Wars are due before the year is out.