As well as a new trailer and TV spot, the European release of one of the Wii's best games is accompanied by a series of official gameplay videos.

Episode 1 acts as an introduction to game controls, battle tactics, missions, and friends.

Its material is drawn from various parts of the game and, though care is taken not to spoil key moments in the Xenoblade storyline, it does reveal new locations and enemies.

Unlike Monster Hunter Tri, which sports an online multiplayer mode, players of Xenoblade can team up with computer-controlled buddies instead.

That's one of its main features, meaning that party members will follow main character Shulk and join in with battles but don't need to be directly controlled - especially not during combat.

Available in Japan since June 2010, Xenoblade will be released in Europe on August 19, while North American fans await further news from Nintendo.

Let's Play Xenoblade Chronicles - Episode 1: