The studio behind upcoming November release Call of Duty: Black Ops takes to YouTube in order to explain how their new player customization works, and in the process becomes the most viewed gaming video for the week ending October 6.

Black Ops follows on from 2009's Modern Warfare 2, and, despite competition from Medal of Honor and Bad Company 2: Vietnam, looks likely to fare as well as its predecessor.

Interest in indie offering Minecraft continues to grow, with an additional 70,000 punters putting down €10 each to play this game of exploration, construction and co-operation since last week's chart.

Previous chart number one, "Building Megaobjects in Minecraft", is this week's number two with its massive Star Trek homage, while another player uses his knowledge of computer science to build an elementary computer system within the increasingly popular title (chart position four).

Two StarCraft II videos chart courtesy of the commentators at StarCraftArena, while MMOChampion previews new Tier 11 character models for December's Cataclysm expansion in World of Warcraft.

It's TotalBiscuit of CynicalBrit fame who visits Cataclysm's remade Deadmines area at number seven, discovering "genuine innovation" after tackling it on the Heroic difficulty setting.

Turning back to Modern Warfare 2, "Predators" mixes slick editing, unbelievable gaming skills, and motifs from the Predator films. The video at number ten is also MW2-themed, though instead focuses on a round-winning missile hit.

Most viewed YouTube gaming videos of the week:
1) Call of Duty: Black Ops - Customization Trailer - 1,069,277 total views
2) Building Megaobjects in Minecraft - 806,678 total views
3) EPIC FFA TEAM LIQUID - Part 1/3 - StarCraft 2 - 643,919 total views
4) 16-bit ALU in Minecraft - 618,163 total views
5) "Predators" OpTic Predator | Fuzi8n - 591,283 total views
6) Tier 11 Preview - Druid - 440,517 total views
7) Cataclysm Beta - Heroic Deadmines Part 1 - 440,736 total views
8) HD Starcraft 2 Select v Morrow p1/3 - 412,494 total views
9) Tier 11 Preview - Warrior - 370,207 total views
10) Predator Missile in the FACE! - 439,778 total views

Data collected October 6.