Topping this week's YouTube Gaming chart is a nine-second clip advertising a TV spot during the October 9 Monday Night Football game on EPSN for the upcoming November 9 Call of Duty: Black Ops.

The full trailer, clocking in at just under a minute (discounting bumpers), can been seen on

Medal of Honor's official launch trailer finds itself in sixth place - the game launched on October 12 in North America and October 14 in Europe.

In amongst the other top YouTube vids are a walkthrough for the free browser game Sniper Assassin 5; news about a World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta key giveaway; and Seananners' further explores indie sensation Minecraft displaying a spooky cave made in the shape of serial Mario baddie Bowser.

Speaking of Mario, Super Mario Galaxy celebrates the three-year anniversary of its November 2007 release, and a playthrough of the unlockable "Super Luigi Galaxy" bonus game is here in the YouTube charts.

A video of two babies parodying Spanish media personality Belén Esteban sneaks in by virtue of the "gaming" tag - YouTube's all-time top 10 features two baby videos already, so maybe this one has a chance at fame.

Top 10 YouTube Gaming Videos, October 20
1) Black Ops single player tune-in - 723,961 views
2) TheLittleOne vs BoxeR - TvT - Delta Quadrant - StarCraft 2 - 398,444 total views
3) 5 IN 1 THROWING KNIFE?! Luckiest/Greatest MW2 Clip EVER?! - 343,618 total views
4) Sniper Assassin 5 walkthrough - 456,976 total views
5) Welcome to Minecraft - Episode 013 - Bowser Clay - 349,158 total views
6) Medal of Honor - Launch Trailer - 405,167 total views
7) ' Belen Esteban segun los niños' - 312,146 total views
8) Blizzard Cataclysm contests and TotalBiscuit's Betakey Prize Draw - 254,820 total views
9) Super Luigi Galaxy - Episode 30 [Part 1/3] - 446,437 total views
10) Husky vs Internet - [Game 1] - PvT - StarCraft 2 - 265,445 total views