YouTube gaming charts: 'Duke Nukem Forever,' 'Super Luigi Galaxy'

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It's still hard to believe that Duke Nukem Forever is finally coming out, after 12 years in development hell - which makes a live demo from the Dutch Firstlook gaming convention all the sweeter, becoming the most viewed gaming video on YouTube for the week ending October 13.

The Duke Nukem series was always just as much about lewd humor as it was about derivative and knowing action movie hyperbole, and on the face of things the new Duke Nukem Forever has a decent dose of each.

Duke takes a leak in a urinal and draws graffiti on a whiteboard before heading into an American football stadium to destroy a giant robot with some devastating weaponry.

Elsewhere in this week's chart there are also the usual batch of Starcraft II videos; the award-winning League of Legends has a new champion character profiled; the hype surrounding Halo: Reach is given a satirical savaging; and role-playing expert TotalBiscuit plays point-and-click adventure Axel & Pixel, a random indie game he bought on impulse.

Did you know that after a player completes Super Mario Galaxy with Mario, the game starts again but featuring Mario's brother Luigi?

In chart positions 9 and 10, Super Mario Galaxy player ChuggaaConroy takes us through the last few Luigi levels in Toy Time Galaxy (including the Purple Coins and Fast Foe comet missions), and then Bowser Jr.'s Lava Reactor followed by Choosing A Favorite Snack in the Sand Spiral Galaxy.

Most viewed YouTube Gaming Videos, October 13:
1) Duke Nukem Forever Live Demo [HD] - 1,006,101 total views
2) League of Legends - Swain Champion Spotlight - 704,797 total views
3) Awesome Reach - 761,457 total views
4) Husky Plays Phantom! - 384,875 total views
5) WTF is Axel and Pixel? - 302,156 total views
6) TL Open #2 SemiFinal A: Lalush v Agh g1 p1/2 - 277,681 total views
7) HDStarcraft teaches TimothyDeLaGhetto2 how to play StarCraft 2 - 267,027 total views
8) Super Luigi Galaxy - Episode 30 [Part 1/3] - 388,982 total views
9) Super Luigi Galaxy - Episode 29 - 271,747 total views
10) TheLittleOne vs BratOK - Part 1/2 - TvZ - StarCraft 2 - 242,446 total views