Black Ops accounts for seven of YouTube's most viewed video game clips on November 24, but has to admit defeat to the week's chart topper.

The Machinima Channel is back in full force, uploading clips of Black Ops gameplay.

SeaNanners abandons cult favorite Minecraft, instead explaining how Black Ops' Free For All mode should be played as he achieves a 36-1 ratio, and in another gets 43-1 and chats about childhood memories.

Tejb goes over the motion sensor and scrambler, with time for a word or two on sniping problems, and the Machinima Respawn team unite to discuss their favorite multiplayer moments and maps so far.

In the non-Machinima efforts, Nuketown's secret song is revealed, and someone snuffs it after taking an unexploded grenade to the groin.

However, it's League of Legends' profile of Irelia that takes first place by a slim margin of 7,000 views, and despite Black Ops' dominance, it can't keep out commentary from chart legends HuskyStarcraft ( StarCraft 2) and TotalHalibut ( World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Beta).

Top 10 YouTube Gaming Videos, November 24
1) League of Legends - Irelia Champion Spotlight - 734,014 total views
2) Black Ops: 36-1 Team Deathmatch (SeaNanners) - 727,678 total views
3) Black Ops, Nuketown Mannequin Secret - 605,407 total views
4) Best First Blood Impact Kill EVER! - 615,628 total views
5) Black Ops: 43-1 TDM (SeaNanners) - 629,418 total views
6) AK 47 - Black Ops Free For All on Crisis (Tejbz) - 326,852 total views
7) Tarson vs MadFrog - StarCraft 2 - 296,147 total views
8) Machinima Respawn: Black Ops 24hr Live Stream Day 6 - 299,784 total views
9) Cataclysm Beta - GAMON WORLD FIRST (not really) - 267,126 total views
10) Call of Duty: Black Ops 24hr Live Stream Day 5 - 244,840 total views