YouTube remains king of online video sites in the US, Facebook slides: report

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In September US viewers headed to Google sites to watch the majority of their online video content.

Google sites, including the company's popular video sharing site, saw 144.2 million viewers in September, further cementing its place as top online video content property in the US.

Facebook's stint in second place on ComScore's "top US online video properties by video content views" ranking was short lived. The social networking site held second place for just one month, peaking at 58.6 million unique viewers in August before dropping to 52.2 million viewers in September.

Microsoft sites showed the biggest gains during September, leaping from seventh place in August's rankings to fourth place in September with gains of approximately 6 million viewers month-over-month.

83.9 percent of internet users in the US tuned in to watch some form of online video content said market researcher ComScore in their September 2010 U.S. Online Video Rankings report released on October 12.

The average viewer consumed around 14.4 hours of online video content during the month of September said ComScore. The average online content video was around 4.9 minutes long.

Top US online video properties by video content views ranked by unique video viewers in September 2010:

1. Google Sites - 144,166,000 viewers
2. Yahoo! Sites - 54,356,000 viewers
3. - 52,174,000 viewers
4. Microsoft Sites - 45,490,000 viewers
5. Fox Interactive Media - 43,851,000 viewers
6. VEVO - 43,650,000 viewers
7. Viacom Digital - 33,570,000 viewers
8. NBC Universal - 29,961,000 viewers
9. Hulu - 29,890,000 viewers
10. Turner Network - 27,195,000 viewers