YouTube’s most-watched videos of the week: Jackie Evancho sings, Federer shoots and a chilli fights a doughnut.

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Here are the week's most popular videos on YouTube.

1)      America's Got Talent YouTube Special - Jackie Evancho-Young singing sensation Jackie Evancho amazes the crowd of America's Got Talent with her operatic singing voice.  3,726,271 views.

2)      Maroon 5 -Give A Little More (VEVO Summer Sets)-American rock band Maroon 5 play their track Give A Little More off their forthcoming album ‘Hands all over' in front of a live audience. 2,361,156 views.

3)      Amazing Roger Federer trickshot on Gillette ad shoot-Tennis star Roger Federer knocks a can off a crew members head with a tennis ball during the filming of a Gillette /British Skin Foundation advert.  But is it real or is it staged, the internet is buzzing with rumors. 2,993,349 views.

4)      Annoying Orange: Million Clones-YouTube comedy sensation Annoying Orange gets one million subscribers, to celebrate he gets cloned one million times.  2,067,238 views.  

5)      AWESOME SAUCE! -internet star Ray William Johnson gives a rundown of some of last week's popular offbeat YouTube videos including Justin Bieber getting hit by a water bottle. 2,115,637 views.

6)      Indian Pole Gymnastic-two Indian acrobats perform some amazing feats on a pole in front of a live audience. 1,748,569 views.

7)      Mickey Factz - Paradise -Allegedly a music video from hip hop artist Mickey Factz performing Paradise, however at the time of writing the video had been removed due to copyright infringement. 1,452,629 views.

8)      Smosh: Food Battle 2010-Comedy duo Smosh present an offbeat video pitting a chilli pepper against a doughnut in a hilarious showdown. 1,252,079 views.

9)      Monster High Fright Song -New music video from Monster High a group based on the Mattel Dolls released in July 2010. The dolls depicted as being off springs of famous monsters such as Dracula. 1,281,278 views.

10)   Slo-Mo World-the latest in a series of regular unusual and lighthearted music videos from user Mystery Guitar Man. 1,296,015 views.

Ranking collected on on Friday, August 20, 2010.