Here are the week's most popular videos on YouTube.

1) Drake-Miss Me ft. Lil Wayne -Music video from Canadian rapper Drake performing his latest single "Miss Me." The video features footage of Lil Wayne before he was sentenced to jail on a weapons charge. 4,508,769 views.

2) Pervert! YouTube funny man Ray William Johnson is back with this round-up of the week's oddball clips including an English weatherman giving the finger to his co-presenters and a "pervy kitten". 2,837,220 views.

3) Security Guard FAIL - A security guard struggles with the barrier at the exit of the store, falling over it in a spectacular fashion whilst fleeing the store during a small earthquake. 2,384,072 views.

4) WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE **SPOOF**  - Disney channel's hit fantasy series Wizards of Waverly Place - which centers around the adventures of three siblings with magical powers - gets spoofed by funny man Shane Dawson. 2,226,960 views.

5) The Last Exorcism-BEST OF Chatroulette reactions -A selection of the best reactions from Chatroulette users viewing the viral video campaign for The Last Exorcism, where a girl begins stripping before turning into a "she-demon."  2,075,289 views.

6) Tiririca-Deputado Federal-Vote 2222- A spoof election campaign with a catchy song sung in Portuguese regarding the elections in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. 1,878,542 views.

 7) Rafa Marquez first goal with New York Red Bulls - Former FC Barcelona star and captain of the Mexican national team Rafa Marquez scores his first goal with American team the New York Bulls with whom he signed in August this year. 1,604,328 views.

 8) Hit and Run FAIL - A driver causes an accident then tries to flee the scene only to crash twice more into oncoming traffic in two lanes before his getaway is finally halted. 1,740,472 views.

9) Simon's Cat in ‘The Box' - Animated clip where a curious cartoon cat investigates and proceeds to destroy an empty box. 1,939,609 views.

10) Annoying Orange: Close Encounters of the Annoying Kind - Animated YouTube comedy sensation Annoying Orange experiences some close encounters with broccoli from space. 1,516,469 views.

Ranking collected on on Friday, August 27, 2010.