Jedi Gym
Jeremy Flynn is seen in his "Jedi Gym", where members work out and meditate, and improve their lives, by mimicking action sequences from the Star Wars films.

Human Mirror
Fifteen identical twins form a "human mirror" on a New York subway car. Each twin performs the same actions on either side of the carriage to create the illusion of a "mirror" inserted down the centre of the screen.

Techno Chicken
A chicken raves it up to a hardcore soundtrack and lurid backdrop. Effects employed include lasers and a chequered neon floor. Reminiscent of Justin Timberlake's finest outings.

Charlie Bit My Finger Again
A young boy teases his baby brother and suffers the biting consequences – 37 million hits can't be wrong.

The Trons – Self-playing Robot Band
The future of music? An automated band that look like they have been fashioned from Meccano belt out a tune.