Music videos and re-mixes are popular in this week's YouTube charts, with entries from pop stars Pink and Avril Lavigne. French DJ David Guetta also joins with Keenan Cahill for a mega mix of his hits.


1. David Guetta (With Me) One More Love Album Megamix: Watch Me Perform David's Biggest Hits!
French DJ David Guetta joins forces with YouTube sensation Keenan Cahill for a mega mix of the DJ's biggest hits. 7,227,743 views.  

2. Dead Spot on Hisense Area
A court official at the Australian Open attempts, to no avail, to bounce the ball on the court of the Hisense Arena in Melbourne before the Sharapova/Goerges match. According to reports, the ball failed to bounce due to excessive heat, causing an air bubble to form under the court's surface. 6,309,655 views.

This weekly re-cap of offbeat YouTube videos from internet sensation Ray William Johnson of Equals Three includes a man getting a strike at bowling after throwing the ball into the wrong lane and the Utah Jazz basketball team's mascot fighting a Cleveland Cavaliers fan. 4,138,367 views.

4. P!nk - F**kin' Perfect
Music video for pop star P!nk's new single "F**kin' perfect" from her latest album Greatest Hits..So Far.

The second video review from Ray William Johnson in this week's charts, this YouTube round-up features a Japanese McDonald's commercial and a mini golf shot off the top of a water spout. 3,354,158 views.  

6. Justin Bieber - VOTE for the BRITS!! Im COMING!!
Teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber appeals to his fans to vote for him in the annual Brit Awards honoring musical talent. 3,277,158 views.

7. Avril Lavigne - What The Hell
Music video from spunky pop star Avril Lavigne, featuring the singer driving around town in a taxi and interrupting a basketball game to go clothes shopping.  2,730,771 views.

YouTube sensation Shane from Shane Dawson TV presents the latest installment of the regular "Ask Shane" series, this time dressed as pop star Lady Gaga. 2,451,067 views.

9. Check out the latest use of the "like" button & JUST GO WITH IT - In Theaters 2.11.11
This trailer for the film Just Go With It starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston shows a plastic surgeon played by Sandler coming up with some creative uses of his Facebook profile to win over a girl. 2,298,435 views.

10. Visual Dreams (Intel Collaboration Song) _ MusicVideo
The newest song from the Korean girl group So Nyeo Shi Dae, commonly referred to as SNSD. The song was released as part of the group's promotional deal with software company Intel. 2,200,459 views.