YouTube's most-watched videos of the week: amazing basketball shot, 'The One Ronnie' and a drum machine

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A physics defying basketball shot, British comedy staple Ronnie Corbett and an interactive drum machine are among this week's most watched YouTube videos.

1. Crazy Free Throw by Idaho State's Kamil Gawrzydek
In this basketball game between Idaho State University and Utah State University, Kamil Gawrzydek's free throw appears to defy physics when it bounces off the backboard and balances on the rim of the hoop for several seconds.  8,705,571 views.  

2. Future First Person Shooter
This video aims to demonstrate the level video game graphics could reach in several years. The video was shot on helmet mounted cameras and then visual effects, such as blood splatters, were added to the footage. 7,363,834 views.

3. HA HA HA! - Ray William Johnson
Number 6 in last week's charts, this comedy round up from Ray William Johnson features laughing aerobics, a sledge being towed by a tram and a talking parrot. 5,057,129 views.

4. Enrique Iglesias - Tonight (I'm Lovin' You) feat. Ludacris
The censored version of smooth tongued singer Enrique Iglesias's raunchy new video featuring Ludacris. 4,820,839 views.

5. My Blackberry Is Not Working! - The One Ronnie, Preview - BBC One
British comedy staples Ronnie Corbett and Harry Enfield have a hilarious fruit-themed take on the world on smartphones and modern technology. 3,267,274 views.

6. 3,000,000 subscribers  
Japanese-Hawaiian Ryan Higa is best known for making comedy internet videos either solo or with the Yabo Crew. His internet channel Higa TV celebrates getting 3,000,000 subscribers in this YouTube video. 2,755,185 views.

The latest installment from the Smoosh boys deals with transvestite girlfriends, Christmas and the struggle to find the perfect gift. 1,764,652 views.

8.  Human Drum Machine
The latest upload from musical YouTube regular Mystery Guitar Man is an interactive drum machine video where viewers are encouraged to press numbers on the keyboard to participate and make the beat. 1,717,325 views.

9. TSA Harassment!!!
This comedy video starring Ricky Shucks is themed around the sexist and desperate stop and search policies of the Transport Security Administration at an airport terminal. 1,580,355 views.

10. Annoying Orange: Wishful Thinking
The annoying citrus fruit attends a Christmas party only to find his friends Pear and Passion kissing under the mistletoe, leading him to wish he didn't exist - a wish mistletoe grants. 1,570,651 views.