YouTube's most watched videos of the week: Katy Perry gets spoofed, Justin Bieber gets 'caught' and Megan Fox gets dressed.

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Here are this week's most popular videos on YouTube:

1. TOWN 1280x333 Step Away 4113 - A short trailer for the new Warner Bros movie The Town starring Ben Affleck and Rebecca Hall. 26,207,445 views.

2. Gymkhana THREE, part 2: Ultimate Playground; l'Autodrome, France - Video of drivers in the automotive sport of 'Gymkhana' in which drivers negotiate hairpin bends, steep banks and slalom courses to test their driving skills to the limit.  8,771,425 views.

3. Lookin' 4 Love - YouTube comedy staple Ray William Johnson runs through some of this week's funniest and most offbeat videos on YouTube this week, including a football player colliding with the goal post, a drunken girl at Wall-Mart and a best of 1980s dating videos. 3,420,924 views.

4. LAST FRIDAY NIGHT *SPOOF* KATY PERRY- Vlog ShaneDawson TV returns this week spoofing singer Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" video 2,649,572 views.

5. Ibrahimovic not kidding with Strasser! - Video from a Spanish sports channel showing Swedish soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic lashing out at his AC Milan teammate during a training session. 2,294,734 views.

6. Sweat is Sexy! Workout - In of one the latest "sexy workout" series, the trainer discusses eating issues before leading viewers through an intensive workout. 2,298,571 views.

7. 2 Guys 600 Pillows (Backwards Music Video)

A backwards version of the "sleep better" video by Rhett and Link; confusingly the comedy lyrics in the backwards version sung are forward.2,356,141 views.

8. Justin Bieber CAN'T Sing! - Pop star Justin Bieber gets accused of being caught lip-syncing by self-proclaimed "'king of  YouTube" comedy star Peter Chao. 2,034,402 views.

9. Megan Fox in "the tip" (Full Video) - Megan Fox dresses unaware of the prying eyes of room service in this short video advertisement for Armani entitled "The Tip." 1,957,433 views.

10. Thierry Henry injures FC Dallas goalkeeper - French soccer legend Thierry Henry injures the FC Dallas goalkeeper Kevin Hartman, by kicking the ball away from his feet, allegedly while celebrating a teammate's goal. 1,913,075 views.