Zombies trailer takes 'Call of Duty' to Shangri-La

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Supporting the release of the third Call of Duty: Black Ops map pack is the zombie-tastic trailer "In The Jungle."

Swapping the sounds of 1970s blues rock for "The Lion Sleeps Tonight," the trailer shows re-animated corpses shuffling through the mountain clearings of Shangri-La.

On display are a few new features - improvised stake mines, spike traps, rabid monkeys, a zombie shrinker, a mine cart and water slide, the bowie knife and napalm zombies among them.

The Shangri-La scenario is contained within the Annihilation map pack, which bundles together four other standard multiplayer levels.

Call of Duty: World at War (2009) received three downloadable map packs during the year after its release, while Modern Warfare 2 (2010) had two.

Black Ops is already on schedule to produce four packs, should publisher Activision wish to do so.

Either way, at $15 (€14, £10) per map pack, the Call of Duty brand is building its case for a paid-for membership of Call of Duty: Elite that bundles in future downloadable content.

Mortal Kombat and LA Noire already offer similar passes, with the MK Season Pass costing around $15 on Xbox 360, and the Rockstar Pass now going for $12 (€12/£8) on both 360 and PS3.