East-West outmanoeuvred their opponents on this deal, inducing them to sacrifice against a game contract that was off in top tricks. However, East's defence was not as successful as his bidding.

East opened One Club, South overcalled with One Diamond, and West bid One Heart. North, not unreasonably expecting a little more from his partner's vulnerable overcall, cue-bid Two Hearts and, when East supported hearts and West went on to game, felt constrained to bid Five Diamonds, which West decided to double (for no very clear reason).

West led 2K against Five Diamonds doubled and all depended upon whether East would overtake. He did not, and declarer was able to draw trumps without loss and discard a club on dummy's third spade.

East should have realised that even if South held three low spades and only two clubs, overtaking the club would make no difference. In any event, declarer would be able to establish a club trick for a spade discard. The contract could be defeated only if West held a singleton club or, possibly, a doubleton club together with #J when a third round of clubs would ensure a trump trick for the defence.

Game all; dealer South


4A K 5


#Q 10 8 6 3

2J 10 9 5 2

West East

4J 9 7 2 48 6 4 3

!A 10 9 8 4 3 !K J 5 2

#7 2 #K

2K 2A Q 4 3


4Q 10

!Q 7 6

#A J 9 5 4

28 7 6