There was good aggressive bidding by both sides on this deal and it looked as though East-West had done just enough to push North-South over the top.

West opened One Spade, North doubled, and east raised to Two Spades. After a pass by South, West went on to Three Spades (a pre-emptive action) and North doubled again. A pass by South would have netted a small plus score but he tried his luck with Four Hearts, and all passed. It looks very much as though South must lose two trump tricks and a trick in each minor, but declarer managed things neatly.

West led 4K and declarer, after winning in dummy, ruffed a spade. Then he led !9, on which the ace appeared. West exited with #10 and the ace won.

With !A,x, West would surely have played low on the first round, so declarer tended to place him with the singleton ace. However, it was safe to play !K, unblocking with the ten from hand. South continued with #K, 2A, 2K, then a third diamond.

East had two chances now. If he exits with a heart, South draws trumps and makes a trick with the last diamond, and if East concedes a ruff and discard by exiting with a spade, South ruffs with !7 and leads a diamond, making the last two tricks with !Q,8.

Love all; dealer South


4A 6

!K Q 8 4

#A K 9 2

2K 9 4

West East

4K Q J 10 5 3 49 8 7 2

!A !J 6 5 3

#10 4 #Q J 6

2Q J 7 2 210 5



!10 9 7 2

#8 7 5 3

2A 8 6 3