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Hopes of unifying the world chess championship took another step backwards at the end of last week when plans were announced for Garry Kasparov to defend his version of the title. Under the auspices of yet another new organisation, the "World Chess Council" Kasparov invited the second and third highest rated players in the world, Viswanathan Anand and Vladimir Kramnik, to play for the right to challenge him.

Anand declined the honour, pointing out that when he took part in the Fide World Championship, he signed a contract not to compete in any rival version. Even if that is not legally enforceable, he says it is a matter of honour that he keeps his word.

Now it has been announced that Alexei Shirov will take Anand's place. Shirov will play Kramnik in May; the winner will play Kasparov in October. And confusion will reign until further notice.