The Shirov-Kramnik match in Spain has come to life after its lethargic start. After six games, Shirov leads by 31/2-21/2 leaving Kramnik, who began as clear favourite, only four games in which to equalise. The winner will play Kasparov in a million-dollar match in October.

After the fourth and fifth games, Kramnik could be excused for thinking that luck is not on his side. In game four, he seemed to have equalised as Black in the opening, but soon realised that his position was not as comfortable as it looked.

After an exchange of queens, Shirov had the advantage and eventually reached a bishops-of-opposite-colour endgame two pawns ahead which he nursed delicately to victory.

In game five, Kramnik obtained a clear advantage from the opening, and this time it was Shirov who had to bale out into a bishop endgame two pawns behind. This one however, was only a draw. Game six was a quiet draw, leaving Shirov still one up.

Full moves of both games will be given here tomorrow.