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The European Junior Championship has been won by Dmitry Tyomkin of Israel. Collectors of useless information will recognise the name as identical with that of the man who wrote the theme tune to the classic TV western series Rawhide. We do not know whether the two Dmitry Tyomkins are related; if they are, it is clearly a very talented family.

The British may also be satisfied with their performance, with Jonathan Rowson of Scotland winning the silver medal and Harriet Hunt, the World Girls' Champion, taking a creditable eighth place. Here is Rowson's last- round win against the Russian representative.

Black's 1...c5 and 2...f5 introduced a Benoni-Dutch hybrid with a good British pedigree: it was used by Howard Staunton in his match against Pierre Saint-Amant in 1843. Rowson's interpretation, however, was rather more modern.

With 11.a4 and 15.f4, White played to stifle any potential Black attack, but Rowson kept his position alive with 17...Kf7, planning to put a rook on the g-file. He changed plans when White opened lines on the Q-side and gave the black rooks a chance of activity on the c-file. 21.e3 was a curious decision (21.Rb4 looks more natural) and White's quest for safety had clearly not taken 24...R8c3! into account. 25.Nxc3 allows mate on g2, so White gave up his queen for two rooks. It would have been bad for Black but for the move 26...Nxd5! temporarily giving up the bishop on d7. White was carried along on the tactical wave with 29.Bxd6 and 31.Rxg7! (when Qxg7 allows Nxf5+) but the attack from Black's queen and knight was too strong. At the end 36.Bf1 Qf3+ and 36.Nf1 Nf2+ lose knight or rook respectively.

White: Andrei Belozerov

Black: Jonathan Rowson

1 d4 c5 19 bxc5 Rxc5

2 d5 f5 20 Rxb7 Rfc8

3 c4 Nf6 21 e3 Rxc4

4 Nc3 g6 22 Ne2 Qg6

5 g3 d6 23 Ba3 Rc2

6 Nh3 Nbd7 24 Rc1 R8c3

7 Nf4 Ne5 25 Qxc2 Rxc2

8 Bg2 Bg7 26 Rxc2 Nxd5

9 0-0 0-0 27 Rxd7 Nxe3

10 b3 a6 28 Ng3 Nxc2

11 a4 Qe8 29 Bxd6 Ke6

12 a5 g5 30 Rxe7+ Kxd6

13 Nd3 Nxd3 31 Rxg7 Qf6

14 Qxd3 Qh5 32 h4 Ne3

15 f4 Bd7 33 Rxh7 Ng4

16 Rb1 gxf4 34 Rh5 Qd4+

17 gxf4 Kf7 35 Kh1 Qd1+

18 b4 Rac8 White resigns