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Owing to improvements being made to the page surface, delays may be expected until tomorrow. In the meantime, here is the first half of things to do with holes in the road.

Fred Stubbs suggests collecting and storing the holes in the Millennium Dome. "A small corner should be enough," he says, "as the holes could be stored inside one another." After the celebrations, he thinks the holes could be unpacked and reassembled into one huge hole, in which the redundant dome could be buried.

Norman Foster says: "My mother uses holes in the road to store her very tasty 'traffic jam'." Martin Brown offers a recipe, using cars, vans, lorries and a sprinkling of traffic cones, for making traffic jam in a hole in the road. Roy Herivel thinks that holes in the road should be used as "a place for storing Tarmac". Duncan Bull recommends: "turn them downside-up, paint them gaudy colours, then call them traffic calming measures," though he suspects this may have been done already. "Holes in the roads are for retraining toads/ (after rain) to go swimming while carrying loads," rhymes Magy Higgs, whose full toad-in-the-hole epic runs to several verses.

"Practice areas for apprentice plasterers," suggests Steve Warner. "All the holes in the road should be gathered together and tied up with string," says CM Brown, "to make a great big safety net which could be used to catch drivers who have not paid their road tax." Alex Harley says that "holes in the road are there for road-menders to stand in looking busy". She recommends painting them white, to make the road look like dominoes from the air. "May I fill you in on holes in the road?" asks Geoffrey Langley, but the rest of his comments have been diverted.

To be continued on this page tomorrow ... when we shall announce winners' names and ask you for ideas for things to do with the water that's been discovered on the moon.