Our discussion groups talk about drugs and alcohol Jason, 17: "You're more in control of your body when you're taking drugs than when you drink alcohol."

Emma, 18: "I would do drugs again if it was safe. I found out that it isn't, but I can't say I regret doing it because I enjoyed every minute of it. I loved it!"

John, 18: "It's easier to get drugs than alcohol."

Caroline, 19: "I do sometimes feel I could do with a drink but it's just not worth it, because of the driving thing. I won't drink and drive; I know how little it takes. That's one thing about generations. I don't think young people are drinking and driving, like older generations."

Mia, 16: "There's this argument about don't start on cannabis because you'll end up a heroin addict, but if you really need something to divert your attention, you're going to end up a heroin addict anyway."

David, 19: "I'm always willing to try something once; and if I like it, I get some more."

Tim, 20: "I've got friends who smoke cannabis and take Es. I don't take Es, but I smoke cannabis. I think it's really up to you."

Dave, 17: "Alcohol is a drug, cigarettes are drugs, so what? I think it's good for you."

Samantha, 20: "I used to take loads of drugs.

I got really poorly so I can't touch any of them now. I went really strange."

Carl, 18: "Two of my friends have died from drugs and I don't like the idea of dying particularly. I wouldn't do anything other than smoke cannabis."

Dan, 17: "If there's one thing that makes you go off people, it's pressure. They try and entice you into smoking or taking drugs."

Dave, 17: "I started smoking dope not because other people were doing it, but because I wanted to. I've got friends that do it, too. I did Ecstasy a few weeks ago because I've been wanting to for years, and everyone was telling me I'd die, so I put it off for a long time. In the end it was great."

David, 19: "We'll go down the off-licence first and get a couple of cans of super-strength stuff - it tastes foul but it does the job ... I got the hiccups once and that upset my stomach a bit, so I had the trusty old waste-paper basket near my bed, which is useful."