Get packing; get the look ... and get it right

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Lumme, it's holiday time of year. All those jolly useful lists come out, written by thin girls with names that sounded good at the time, saying "take this, it will scrunch up small and come up like new!" Ah yes, but "this" costs pounds 476 and you never wear it because it makes you look like a tent. Of course, in an ideal world one would need to take only a rich husband and a dash of perfume. But if you must pack your own suitcase, then here are a few ideas of nice, pretty, fairly cheapy things. Don't, whatever you do, bother taking an iron. If you notice - and care - about things like creases on holiday, you're not drinking enough. Now then, on to my favourite topic: skin care. Over the years, I have come to love a few splendid products which I would now like to recommend: all of the Lancome sun range, it smells delicious and is not ridiculously expensive; ditto Lancaster (and their Sun Water smelly stuff is nice and fresh, too); Spring Flowers by Creed, (this is a new perfume) smells so gorgeous I want to spray it straight into my mouth (it's pounds 63 for a 75ml bottle, but this is proper stuff I'm talking about); Clinique do various excellent facial sunblocks which are compact enough to take around with you; and finally, all of the Clarins Eau Dynamisante range, which smells so fresh you'll think you're a daisy. All available from department stores nationwide, Creed is available from posh places like Les Senteurs in Ebury Street (0171 730 2322). Next week: men's holiday wear. Can't wait!

Red sleeveless dress with ruffle neckline (sizes 10-16), pounds 15, Etam, 484 Oxford Street, London W1, and White Rose Centre, Leeds. Enquiries: 0171 494 7732. Striped hat, pounds 36, Dollargrand, from Selfridges, Oxford Street, London W1, 0171 629 1234

White stretch crochet vest (sizes 10-16), pounds 14, Etam, as before. Ecru Linen palazzo pants (sizes 38-40), pounds 45, from Benetton stores nationwide. White strap mules (sizes 3-8), pounds 20, Clarks, selected stores nationwide. Enquiries: 0990 785886

Denim shorts (sizes 8-18), pounds 19.99, Next, as before. Navy stripe vest (sizes XS-L), pounds 17, Sisley, from Benetton branches nationwide. Enquiries: 0161 929 9259. White sandals, pounds 29.95, Birkenstock, 37 Neal Street, London WC2, 0171 240 2783, and from Natural Shoe Store, 325 Kings Road, London SW3. Enquiries: 0800 132 194

Blue print dress (sizes S,M,L), pounds 65, French Connection. Enquiries: 0171 580 2507. Yellow nylon cardigan (sizes 10-14), pounds 20, Warehouse. Enquiries 0171 278 3491

Orange tie-dye sarong (one size), pounds 15, Warehouse, as before. Yellow print bikini (sizes 8-18), pounds 22.99, Next, 189 Oxford St, London W1. Enquiries: 01162 849424

Hat, vest and shorts from the Betty Jackson Spring/Summer collection, 311 Brompton Rd, London SW3. Enquiries: 0171 589 7884

Striped bag, pounds 83, Dollargrand, from Selfridges, as before. Orange bikini (sizes 10-14), pounds 18, Warehouse, as before