Should Gazza go to France? Should England stick with a 4-4-2 formation And should Eileen Drewery sit track-suited on the England bench in case a player gets badly injured?

If you're tired of endless World Cup debate, then try choosing a football shirt - but it's not as simple as it seems. Many will support England but that still leaves a choice of several strips. Should you buy the new white shirt, or the grey change strip? Perhaps the classic long-sleeved 1966 red edition or the Seventies version with draw-string neck and fly- away collars?

Alternatively, seek the help of professionals at London's leading football shirt stockist, Soccer Scene - it's a veritable oasis of football merchandise.

A football shirt is the ultimate accessory, no matter who you support, and need not be confined to the terraces. Sales are so high that Premiership market leaders Manchester United have even produced a new dress version (presumably intended for ladies and not their willing male fans) of their famous red football strip for next season. On the afternoon I was there, everybody seemed to be looking for World Cup shirts.

"We scour the world looking for stock," says Perry Conway from Soccer Scene. "People know they can come here if they want any specific shirt. The World Cup has definitely boosted interest. We had a warm-up during Euro 96, but the World Cup is unique. We took on more staff and knew what kinds of quantities of goods were involved."

The shop is full of young children dragging their parents from shirt racks to boot shelves. A man in a suit considers whether to buy Italy's blue home strip, while a Gazza fan orders an England shirt with his hero's old number 8 on it. He substitutes the name Gascoigne for two words; "Why Not?"

Tony will be supporting England, but he's about to buy a Brazil shirt - which is currently outstripping the three lions by two to one.

"I've always liked the way they play football," he says. "They have great players and I've always liked their shirt." Brazil are currently favourites to win the World Cup, but who will he support if they have to beat England to lift the trophy?

"I suppose... I'd support England," he says reluctantly.

Michael is also supporting England, but he's just bought the blue and white stripes of Argentina. "I won't be supporting them during the World Cup," he explains "I've just always loved the kit."


1 Brazil

2 England

3 Italy

4 Scotland

5 Jamaica.


Italian: Che gol azzo - What a goal. Calcio, che gioco di scemi - It's a funny old game

Danish: Han skal angrib den naermeste stolpe - We have to attack the near post. Vi mangler slere kvalites krydser - We need more quality crosses.

French: Djorkaeff joue torp eloigne, il doit s'avancer et attaquer - Djorkaeff is playing way too deep.

Spanish: El primer tiro de Raul es fenomenal! - Raul's first touch is incredible!

Arabic: Mobara min sho-tien - It's a game of two halves.

Dutch: Eet mijn doelpunt - Eat my goal.