Gift Guide: For the home

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1. Spun Floor Lamp by Sebastian Wrong for Flos This is a fantastic light. It marries references that we are all familiar with in a very fresh way and holds a real presence in a room. It doesn't need a lot of working out - it just works, you don't have to deconstruct what's going on with it, it just sits there and looks magnificent. It comes in both a standing light and a table version. £680, SCP,

2. De La Warr Chair by BarberOsgerby A wonderful piece referencing a number of points in the history of chair design. This was one of the first big commissions we got and it was designed by Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, two of the hottest young designers around. We're very proud of it, and it's great because it works both indoors and outdoors. £388, Twentytwentyone,

3. Puppy vase by Jeff Koons This is a very personal piece. Jeff Koons is one of the greatest living artists and he's coming up with some astonishing work. These puppy-shaped vase holders, in particular, are incredible fun. They're house-trained too, so they're much less hassle than the real thing.

£1,849, from the Guggenheim Museum,

4. 18V Cordless Drill Driver by Dewalt If you're like myself and only do a very limited amount of DIY - and that tends to be hanging pictures - then you might as well have a great piece of kit to do it. This is a superb tool: it's great looking, works brilliantly and lasts a lifetime.

£340, Dewalt,

5. Traditional-style Visitor Book by Smythson I always have a green one, but they're lovely in any colour. I think it's a sign of great sophistication to have a visitor's book, whether that's in a country pile or a flat in Camden. They're a wonderful record, specific to your house at the time. £230, tel: 08705 211 311,

6. First edition of 'The Lost Ones' by Samuel Beckett This is another personal one. This book was given to me by an incredible person that I've been very fortunate to have met and has had a huge influence on my life. Price on application, Bernard J Shapero Rare Books, tel: 020 7493 0876,

7. Painting by Chantal Joffe Out of all the British artists working in that naive genre over the last 10 years, Chantal Joffe is by far most interesting. She's got a good hand and a great eye and, for the moment at least, she's still relatively affordable. From £2,000 excluding VAT, The Victoria Miro Gallery,

8. Red Aqua Table by Zaha Hadid This is a limited production run of 39 tables sold exclusively for (Product) Red. It's two worlds coming together - an iconic piece representing a movement in design and an important piece in terms of raising money for HIV and Aids in Africa. All the revenue goes to the fund - we don't make a cent out of it. £20,000 excluding VAT, Established and Sons,

Alasdhair Willis is co-founder and CEO of Established and Sons