1. Electric Bugatti Type 35B This beautiful replica of a 1927 Bugatti Type 35B has been re-created, designed and manufactured by The Harrington Group and is exclusively available at Bramble Corner. The last day for ordering for Christmas is 12 December. This is a very luxurious, glamorous present that I think any little boy would absolutely love. It's beautiful - a total classic. £2,295, including delivery, Bramble Corner, The Square, Lewes Road, Forest Row, East Sussex, tel: 01342 826 800 www.bramblecorner.com

2. Heelys shoes Heelys are this year's must-have present. It's the age-old reason: kids love wheels (remember roller skates?). But it's very difficult for parents when there's one thing that everyone's trying to get hold of. £70, tel: 0800 633 5789, www.heelysdealer.co.uk

3. Vintage clothing from Their Nibs I love the clothes from Their Nibs; they are made in a vintage style, but are brand new. There's a wonderful range of items and prices and they design a lot of clothes themselves. From £15, 214 Kensington Park Road, London W11, tel: 020 7221 4263, www.theirnibs.com

4. Rose Rainey matineé jacket in cashmere My children grew up in these - they stretch as your child gets older. They wore them with tights in the summer and trousers in winter. Because they're long, they cover the kidneys at the back and so are nice and snug, which regular jumpers don't do. They also come in wool versions (£55) which are machine washable. £60, Honey Jam, 267 Portobello Road, London W11, tel: 020 7243 0449

5. Cookie Girl handmade cookies The Cookie Girl does delicious bespoke cookies and delivers them to your door. She's a Portobello Road local and it's a fairly new cottage industry, so it's worth supporting. She's also very glamorous. Kids love her. From £40, tel: 020 8740 4301, www.cookiegirl.co.uk

6. Medium-size, dapple-grey rocking horse Rocking horses are perennially popular and are always a great present if you've got the room. This one we like because, although it is new, it does look quite traditional. £1,985, tel: 01255 424 745, www.haddonrockinghorses.co.uk

7. Skipper Vespa This is not only beautiful but highly durable and made in England using sustainable wood. So, it's friendly, it will last, it looks nice and kids love it. £105, Honey Jam, 267 Portobello Road, London W11, tel: 020 7243 0449

8. 'Rastamouse' books These are brilliant, the very amusing adventures of a little rasta mouse by Michael De Souza and Genevieve Webster. They're funny and brilliantly illustrated. There's a new one out this month called Rastamouse and the Double-Crossin' Diva. £10, www.amazon.co.uk

Former model Jasmine Guinness is the owner of Honey Jam, a toy shop for 0-14 year olds in west London. She has two children, aged five and one.