With so many visitors at Christmas time, it can be a challenge finding space for them all. Even if you have the space, what do you put them on? A rickety old sofa bed – or worse, the floor – won’t see you winning any host of the year awards.

Thankfully, there’s a huge range of bedding solutions available for every kind of slumber circumstance, and for all shapes and sizes of rooms (and pockets!). But to make sure you find the right guest bed option, think carefully about your requirements:


First of all, the biggest consideration is how much room you have available to accommodate your guests. No problem if you live in a big house with many spare rooms, of course, but if space is at a premium you’ll need to think creatively – how about a bed that suspends from the ceiling or a bed hidden in a wall?

Ok, back to reality. Sofa beds serve dual purposes, and are great for spare rooms and secondary living areas, whereas fold-away beds are extremely convenient if you’re able to store them somewhere (they don’t take up too much room when packed away). Alternatively, you might consider a fold-away bed that doubles as a seat or foot rest when not in use.

If your kids have friends over regularly, an under-bed pull-out mattress can prove an invaluable investment, as they’re so quick and easy to get ready. Simply clear some space next to the bed, pull out the mattress and cover with bed linen. Bed time is a breeze!


If you have visitors to stay on a regular basis you should consider investing in good quality, sturdy furniture that will stand the test of time. Also, think about convenience. It’s no good having a top-of-the-range guest bed if you’re struggling to assemble it every week! If you have frequent guests, make sure you invest in items which can be made up in minute – after all, you never know who might drop by unannounced.

Your guests

Take some time to think about who is likely to be staying with you. Kids can get themselves comfortable on all kinds of surfaces, but would no doubt enjoy the novelty of an air bed, for example. The same applies to teens, and younger adults. Air beds are a relatively inexpensive way to accommodate several people at once, and can be packed away in a very streamlined fashion. Older friends and relatives, however, may prefer – or indeed need – more support in order to get a good night’s sleep, so look for guest bed options offering supportive mattresses or cushioning instead.


Of course, while the bed itself is essential, don’t forget you’l l also need extra pillows, duvets and guest bed linen. Super soft and cosy blankets and cushions can really make the difference between a night’s sleep and a great night’s sleep for your guests.

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