Q: I haven't completed my UCAS form yet. What happens if I miss the 15 December deadline?

A: If your form is received at UCAS after 15 December it will still be processed but marked as "late". The universities and colleges you have applied to will also be informed that your form was "late". All forms received at UCAS before the deadline will be given equal consideration but if your form is late there is no guarantee that you will be considered at all. It is important, therefore, that you get your form to UCAS before the deadline to guarantee being considered.

This is particularly true for high demand subjects such as medicine, dentistry, and law. If you are late in applying it is worth asking the universities and colleges if they will still consider you for the courses you are interested in before completing the form to avoid any wasted choices. UCAS will continue to process new applications up to 30 June 1999 and even after that when applications are routed directly into the Clearing System.

Q: I have a disability. Will this spoil my chances of getting a place through UCAS?

A: Universities and colleges welcome applications from disabled applicants but you must be sure to declare your disability on the UCAS form and also to explain any special needs that you may have. You should note, however, that facilities for disabled students may vary from place to place and it is worth checking them out before submitting your application.

Q: I am taking a gap year and would like to apply on the 1999 UCAS form but don't want to go to college until September 2000. Is this possible?

A: Yes. This is called applying for deferred entry. In general universities and colleges are happy to consider applicants for deferred entry. To make an application for deferred entry you need to enter "D" in the "defer entry" box in Section 3 of your UCAS form for each of the choices that you intend to do, in your Personal Statement. If you do decide to defer entry to 2000 you should be aware that your qualifications must be completed by 31 August 1999.

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