Q: I have overseas qualifications. How do I fit them on to the form?

A: Ignore the column headings and enter details across columns

Q: Can I write my personal statement on my PC and Stick it on the form?

A: NO. If form is flat, modern printers will take it with no problem

Q: Can I now defer my application to next year?

A: Contact the university or college who will inform UCAS if acceptable.

Q: I've decided where I want to go but I've not heard from all my choices yet - can I still make my firm acceptance?

A: Yes, send your CNC slip from the "Advice for Applicants" brochure, sent to you by UCAS, back to UCAS.

Q: What is the difference between A and B routes?

A: Route B is normally for Foundation course students to allow them time to put a portfolio together.

Here are some questions and comments overheard by UCAS at NextStep Higher Education conventions:

I am something of a dad hand at winning "Spot the Ball" contests, should I mentioned this on my UCAS application form for Sports Studies?

Is there a Brookside student society?

Will the university be able to provide stables for my horse?

I want to take archaeology but my dad says there is no future in it.

If I get AAB will my chances for a place on your astronomy degree be sky-high?

I suffer from blocked sinuses, will this stop me from doing a forensic science degree?

Does the library take the New Musical Express every week?

I noticed from the photo in the prospectus that the halls of residence overlook the river. If I am allocated ground floor room will it be okay to fish through the window?

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to: "Go Higher", PO Box 4014, The Independent on Sunday, 1 Canada Square, London, E14 5BF