Go Higher: Wales & The South-west - Bright lights

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SPEND NIGHT after night in the union bar and you're bound to end up going stir-crazy. Happily, there's always some place else to go for some fun.

Bristol offers a wide range of clubs for different tastes. New club Evolution is popular, as is Club IQ and Odyssey. There are literally hundreds of pubs and bars, especially on Whiteladies Road, known as "The Strip" and packed to the gills with students. Similarly you can find any kind of cuisine. The Boston Tea Party is popular for its plush sofas and Friends- style ambience. For Sunday-morning hangover cures fight the student hoards at the York Cafe for one of the best fry-ups in town.

In Cardiff, most students congregate at the Terminal, the union night club; otherwise it's the likes of the Welsh Club or Poo Na Na. If you can tear yourself away from the Tavern - the uni pub reputedly packed all hours of the day and night - head for the Woody, the New Ely, or Cafe Ninas. The Mill Lane cafe quarter in the town centre has a wide range of bars and restaurants, as does the recently developed Cardiff Bay waterfront. If you fancy something more down-at-heel, try the Warm As Toast or Ramones, both greasy spoons.

Exeter's club scene is dominated by the university's campus nightclub, "The Lemmy", apparently the most popular club in town. For pubs, the Black Horse, Imperial and Bowling Green are all just a stone's throw from campus, which also houses the popular duo, the Ram and the Ewe. For Sunday roast try the Agricultural Inn, just outside the city.

In Bath, the place for live music is Moles. For clubs try Babylon or T's. The Boater, a pub with a huge beer garden, is a regular student haunt in summer. Bath has dozens of restaurants - popular student choices include the Cafe Retro, the RSVP wine bar and the Italian restaurant, Cafe Martin.

In Southampton, leading clubs include Ikon at Leisureworld and Jesters, near the popular pub, Clowns. Then there's the Mitre, the Gordon Arms, or the Giddy Bridge. If you're feeling peckish, try the Nat Raj Indian restaurant, or the Kebab Junction and the Charcoal Grill, both open till late.