Going Higher: Discount deals sure to delight

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Huddersfield students look out for cheap offers at the indoor, outdoor and second-hand markets. The Thursday open-air market in Leeds is good for second-hand goods and fruit, vegetables and meat is reduced after 4pm on Saturdays in the indoor market. Traditional markets for food and other goods run several days a week in many northern towns and are an excellent source of bargains of all kinds.

Manchester's student population is so enormous you can guarantee a student night almost every night somewhere in the city - cheap entry and cheap beer to follow. Try Dry 201, Flea and Firkin, Queen of Heart, Jabez Clegg.

Cheap eating places in Liverpool do lunch-time student specials.

Look out for student discounts in shops, restaurants, sports facilities - details available from the students' union. NUS card essential in most cases.

The SU at Teeside offers the cheapest drink and entertainment in town and Teeside Park just outside the town has a 10-screen cinema and other entertainment.

Four bars at Leeds University's SU make it arguably the country's biggest and cheapest bitter outlet.

"You can go out in Sunderland for a fiver," according to Sunderland University's entertainment manager. "But the best venue in the town is the university."