Clare Wright, 22, graduated from the University of Stirling with a degree in psychology last year, but she loved it so much she has stayed on to serve as the student union's vice president for student welfare. When her term of office finishes in June, she hopes to study for a Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Psychology.

I remember feeling really nervous when I first arrived at my hall of residence. I was dreading it as much as I was looking forward to it. I was worried about making friends and not being able to keep up with the work.

It is very scary for anyone coming to such a big place and not knowing a soul. I was lucky because I had a friend with me and we were in the same halls - but it is amazing how quickly you meet new people.

It will seem very daunting and confused at first. There is a huge amount to take in, like how to find your way round your halls, getting to know the campus, where your lectures will be, who is on your course.

Everyone is given a personal tutor while at university to help with your personal development. They may not be one of your lecturers, but they will usually meet you at least once a term to discuss your progress and any problems you may have. My advice is just to throw yourself in the deep end and make sure you go to all the events organised during Fresher's Week.

It is a week-long series of events purely for first year undergraduates to familiarise them with the campus and give them an opportunity to meet one another.

You have to remember that everyone else is as nervous and lost as you. But you will not be alone for long. You just end up talking to anyone and everyone.

You may meet people you never see again, but most people I know met their closest friends during the first couple of weeks.

It is also worth going to the Fresher's Fair, which will have stands for every club and society on campus, from academic interest groups, to political parties, sports clubs and social groups.

Explore anything which interests you, as it is the best way to get to know people.

Being in a hall of residence for your first year is also a good way of making friends as you often have to share a room to begin with.