Going Higher: 'People check out your labels'

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Twenty-year-old Neil Drennan takes his nightlife so seriously he has now become a member of the Ents Committee at the students' union in the University of Warwick. Neil, who comes from Derbyshire, freely admits he could have applied to Oxford or Cambridge but chose Warwick because "I thought I would have much more fun here...

"PEOPLE THINK that if you're studying computing you have to be a bit of a nerd, but that really isn't the case.

"I lived in hall for the first year and rarely left campus. There is so much to do - it's like a mini-village.

"The students' union is excellent, as is the arts centre. I now live in Earlsdon in Coventry, sharing a house with five other people. Nights out in Coventry are spent at The Foundry, in Leamington at Club Mirage.

"A typical Friday night out for me would start with a few drinks at home while I get ready. Then I'd take the bus on to campus, and meet friends at the Airport Bar. We'd probably stay there until about 10pm, before moving on to The Cooler nightclub in the union. This can be absolutely heaving and on a Friday night the music is excellent.

"Food throughout the evening is supplied by The Cooler Diner, and there are numerous vending machines throughout the building.

"Warwick is a very trendy place, and everyone checks to see what you're wearing. For a good night out I'd choose a pair of designer-label trousers, and a really cool shirt. I shop mostly in Leamington Spa, for all the designer labels."