Chris Heather, graduate recruitment manager for NatWest Group.

NatWest runs the Graduate Management Induction Programme, an accelerated entry programme which provides the very best graduates interested in working in banking and finance with a head start in their careers.

The scheme is specifically targeted at graduates and we take around 30 to 50 each year.

The reason we focus on graduates for this programme is because of their proven research and analytical skills. Additionally, students have to develop a wide range of skills that are directly transferable to working life such as report-writing, managing finances and working to deadlines.

Consequently, we consider graduates from any discipline, including the arts and social sciences, provided they have attained at least a 2:1 degree.

We require this level of academic ability due to the demands of the roles they will be put into from day one, where they will need to assimilate information quickly and demonstrate good interpersonal skills.

Another value of attending university is the increased opportunity to consider a wide range of career paths, so that if someone chooses a career with NatWest, it often results in a long-term commitment benefiting both parties.