First port of call has to be the employment office at your student union or university. A job on the campus itself, in a bar, restaurant or library, with minimum travelling, is hard to beat.

Careers offices may also keep a record of companies that employ students during term or vacations.

Look in the local newspapers for job ads and keep an eye on noticeboards in newsagents and supermarkets. Some firms have their own noticeboard to advertise vacancies. Keep your eyes open. Many supermarkets, fast food outlets, bars and clubs survive only by employing part-timers willing to work nights.

If you have any skills - typing, word processing, a foreign language, a sports coaching or life-guard's certificate - think about ways in which you could use them. Skills are worth money in the job market.

If you are studying near the coast or in a historic centre, the tourist industry is a good source of jobs, especially during the summer. Students at Lancaster and York do well out of the university conference trade and from local tourism.

Cities such as Manchester with an examinations board employ students in the early summer as examination mark checkers - boring work, but clean and dry.