Greenwich Herb and Spice Company Dip-Mix, pounds 2.50

Packs of flavoured dips are all very well but what happens when your pot of Mexican chilli dip outlives your tortillas? Most likely it will languish in the fridge until well past its sell-by date. But an end to all that tragic waste is at hand. The Greenwich Herb and Spice Company have the solution: little bags of herbs ready to add to anything, from the smallest dollop of mayo for a sandwich, to a vat of creme fraiche for a marinade. Choose from Garlic & Herb, Lemon & Dill, Mint & Coriander, Mexican Tomato, Chilli, Curry, Mustard and Horseradish.

Greenwich Herb and Spice Company, Units 8 & 9 Ettington Park Business Centre, Alderminster, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, CV37 8BT. Tel 01789 450945 for mail order details.

Mad thing

Bath Time Treats by Zarvis, pounds 25.00

Zarvis's bath kits look rather like a beginners guide to voodoo, but will guarantee the bath-time equivalent of a stiff drink for Mother's Day. The enticing Pandora's Box and the highly sexed Vice Box (which comes with the warning "For Baths Only") contain packets of leaves, little bottles of oil, aphro bath sticks, scrolls of cedarwood and chunks of lava stone, all nestling on a bed of alarmingly hair-like packaging.

Liberty, Tel 0171-734 1234 for mail order or details of your nearest store.

Checkout Rococo

Rococo Chocolates, 321 King's Road, London SW3 5EP

(0171-352 5857)

What is it? A mecca for serious chocolate lovers. The shop was set up by Chantal Cody, founder member of the Chocolate Society.

Who shops here? Those who really know their Grand Cru Manjari from their Grand Cru Guanaja (both blends of rare cocoa beans), and passers by who are drawn in by spectacular window displays.

What should I buy? Wonderful bunches of chocolate asparagus (pounds 7.50) and chocolate cigars (pounds 3.50). For Easter there are chocolate hens (pounds 6.75) and hares (pounds 5.25), and a huge selection of bird eggs - choose from partridge, hedge sparrow, robin and woodcock. Best sellers are their mint wafers (pounds 6.75 a box). At the cheaper end there are chocolate champagne corks (40p) and sardines (35p). Make sure you get one of their lovely blue and white carrier bags to take your booty home in.