Date of Birth: October 1974.

Where it's at: not, as you might reasonably expect, in Warwick, but in Coventry.

Brief History: intended as a resource for both the university and the inhabitants of Coventry, the original two theatres were funded by a local benefactor (identity not revealed). A 1,500-seat concert hall was added in 1981, and in 1986 three galleries, a cinema, a bookshop and restaurant were opened. Like many others, Warwick will benefit from a big injection of cash (pounds 3.14m) from the Lottery, intended for "aesthetic and technical improvements".

Building: the original RIBA award-winning structure (the main stage, a studio venue and a conference hall) by architects Renton Howard Wood Levin has been extended over the years, with a glass-covered sculpture court which links the concert halls to the film theatre. The construction of a glass roof over the foyer provides extra gallery space for its varied visual-art exhibitions.

What goes on: right across the board, as they say. The spring season includes theatre (Northern Broadsides' Richard III, Hull Truck Theatre Company's It Started with a Kiss, written and directed by John Godber), dance (Random Dance Co), music (classical, jazz and world), visual arts (The Quick and the Dead), literature and comedy (Jeremy Hardy).

Current events: Motionhouse Dance Theatre's Faking It, a world premiere of their magical illusion-based dance: Thurs-Sat, tickets pounds 6.50-pounds 12.50. All bookings on 01203 524524.

Where to meet: the cafe/bar.

Cost of a glass of wine: pounds 1.50.