Got Klout? Brand asks Facebook fans

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Marketing on social networks evolved on Wednesday with Audi USA being the first brand to begin tailoring its Facebook page according to the viewer's 'Klout score.'

Social media monitoring company Klout measures the influence of users across social networks by collecting data from accounts on networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This data is then scored against certain criteria including the size of the user's network, the content created and the interaction of others with this content - resulting in what is known as a 'Klout score.'

From Wednesday, Audi USA, in partnership with startup Involver, becomes the first brand to begin using Klout scores in combination with its Facebook page.

Visitors to Audi USA's Facebook page will be given the option of finding out their Klout score at the click of a button, similar to the manner in which users currently 'like' pages.

Upon choosing to find out their Klout score, Facebook users will then be granted access to otherwise unavailable content which could range from videos to free downloads - ringtones, for example; this content will differ depending upon the visitor's Facebook Klout score.  

The induction of Klout on Facebook can be seen as an evolution of the current 'fan-gating' or 'like- gating' policy where viewers must first 'like' the brand before being granted access to certain content. 

A more extreme version of a targeted campaign based upon users' sphere of influence was recently unveiled in the form of theworldsmostexclusive website. Visitors need a verified Twitter account (e.g., have enough followers that Twitter believes it worthwhile to confirm your identity) just to log on.

Those that pass this first stage are then guided through a series of rooms the number of which relates to the amount of their followers; it is thought over five million followers are needed to reach the final room.