Gun club disarmed by robbers

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A south London gun club popular with city businessmen has been robbed of 55 target pistols, 3,000 rounds of ammunition and 10 passports belonging to members, writes Elaine Fogg.

Among the pounds 20,000 of guns taken from the Mayfair Gun Club in Bermondsey, which has 350 members, were .38 Smith and Wesson pistols and semi-automatic Mausers. Two men tied up a staff member at gunpoint after he opened the club at 10.40am on Saturday. Peter Dickson, club chairman, is offering a pounds 5,000 reward for information leading to a prosecution. The robbers, who were white, escaped in a tatty blue Ford Transit van driven by a third man, which headed east along Jamaica Road.

One was 6ft, 35 to 40, stocky with a chubby face, dark complexion with greasy skin and hair. He wore sunglasses, blue denim shirt and jeans. His accomplice was 5ft 9ins tall, 40 to 45, scruffy with a thin face.