In the Jan edition of British Vogue, Kate Moss is invited to appear wearing whatever she wants. She chooses nothing other than a pair of dangly earrings. This is a cue for a serious trend. At school, as well as selling 15p reads of The Amityville Horror, I made dangly earrings out of fuse wire, as I'm sure every teenager looking to make their first pounds 5 did. Erickson Beamon does some of the finest dangly jobbies, but can be expensive, so look at Accessorize, Agatha, Top Shop et al for cheaper alternatives. ANNALISA BARBIERI

Black jet rhinestone drop earrings, pounds 66, Erikson Beamon, 38 Elizabeth Street, SW1, 0171 259 0202

Three-strand gold-plated chain earrings, pounds 60, Kate Dumbleton. Mail order: 0171 251 2158 (pounds 1.50 p&p)

Silver single-chain earrings, pounds 30, Kate Dumbleton as before

Diamante drop earrings, pounds 36, Agatha, 4 South Molton Street, London W1. Enquiries/Mail Order: 0171 495 2779

Silver-spear drop earrings, pounds 16, Mikey, from Spirit at Selfridges, Oxford Street, London W1, and selected House of Fraser stores. Enquiries: 0171 287 1232

Silver and onyx waterfall earrings, pounds 97, Cobra & Bellamy, 149 Sloane Street, London SW1. Enquiries: 0171 730 9993