PETER COCKCROFT, weatherman: No, because we work such funny shifts at ungodly hours. When I started, I travelled by train but the service became so unreliable that one day the train didn't arrive. When I asked for my money back at the ticket office they refused, so I decided to drive.

SIR RANULPH FIENNES, explorer: Our home is miles from anywhere so it is impossible to get anywhere. The only reason the car has been left at home is because we haven't been anywhere. I think the German way of prohibiting driving in certain places might have to be used here.

FAY WELDON, novelist: I use the car twice a week, once to go to the hairdresser's and the other to do the shopping. I don't like driving anyway, it is so dangerous on the roads and with the weather as it is it is even more nightmarish. I take taxis, lucky old me.

LORD HEALEY: I haven't used the car as I haven't been out for a while. The answer

to this problem is so simple even a child could see it -

we need good public transport. I travel free on public transport because I'm a clapped

out old fart.

MURRAY WALKER, sports commentator: No, I haven't. I can't imagine public transport being so good that I would exchange the pleasure, comfort and convenience of my car.

BECKY GILLARD, accountant: Yes I have, and I'm proud of it. I cycle to work because there is nowhere to park, it takes hours and driving really winds me up. I hate drivers when I'm cycling and when I drive I hate cyclists. It's a pretty schizophrenic view but there you go.

TARIQ ALI, director and producer: I leave my car at home because I don't live far from my work. I would drive if I didn't because the state of public transport is so appalling. I think there ought to be a ban on using cars three days a week but only if we had a proper, subsidised public transport system.

ANDREW MOULANG, car mechanic: I have a Jaguar, I love driving and posing in it. I think more people should be encouraged to find other ways of getting to work other than driving, like rollerblading, cycling or skateboarding. I have a skateboard and a torch in the boot of the Jag, so I could skateboard home in the dark.

SIMON VALENTINE, GP: I actually took a bus to work and I must say it was very pleasurable. If they want to reduce the number of cars on the road they should make cars more expensive to run.

SUZI MANNERS, secretary: I don't want to use my car and I'm certainly not getting up on a bike to die under the wheel of a car. The best thing about this weather is travelling in the rush hour with your nose next to a sweaty armpit - it makes life worth living.