A spray to make men weep

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According to a research team in Germany, a nasal spray with the hormone oxytocin, known as the bonding, love, trust and non-cheater hormone, made men more empathetic.

The findings published in the April edition of Journal of Neuroscience detail the results of 24 men who used the spray and wept while viewing images like a girl crying opposed to the group of men not sprayed. This study is the first to link oxytocin levels with empathy.

Oxytocin, known as the natural bonding chemical, is naturally present during orgasms and women have high levels after giving birth. On April 26, an American television talk show host and former psychologist linked low levels of oxytocin with a man's inability to be faithful to a partner.

Men might want to stock up on Verolab's Liquid Trust, available in a two-week supply for $29.95 (€22.63) or a one-year supply $179.95 (€136) made with water, alcohol and oxytocin. A spray lasts two-four hours and can be sprayed on clothing to "create the environment within which you are more attractive to people you previously had no luck with - Trust is relaxing and helps ease tension in the atmosphere - Trust plays an important emotional role in forming opinions about you, what you do, what you say and in whether they respect or value you," say the makers of Liquid Trust.

OxyCalm can also deliver the same benefits. The nasal spray is available online with a special at $19.95 (€15) for a four-month supply. Probably best to avoid Syntocinon as it is used to induce labor.

Should you want to keep track of the times when you should show extra empathy towards your female partner, whatever you do, do not download the application iamaMAN, that charts multiple ladies' menstrual cycles for €1.59. It may illustrate when to show empathy (or reach for the nasal spray) and buy flowers but if she sees the application you will be the one in need of empathy. Gizmodo, a gadget guide site, makes the point, "If you buy it, you're officially a sad little man. And an asshole."

Full study, " Oxytocin Enhances Amygdala-Dependent, Socially Reinforced Learning and Emotional Empathy in Humans": http://bit.ly/cUORMW
For more information and to purchase Liquid Trust, go to: http://www.verolabs.com/products.asp
OxyCalm: http://www.oxycalm.com/t3/index.shtml