On September 23, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) released their report Obesity and the Economics of Prevention: Fit not Fat, showing the US is home to over 60 percent obese and overweight people. Here is why.

VisualEconomics.com, a blog that simplifies financial data with images, created a colorful infographic detailing what the average American (36.6 years old) eats in a year.

Namely, "1,996.3 lbs. of food per year" and "2,700 calories per day."

"The average man is 5'9" [175] and weighs 190 lbs [86kg]. The average woman is 5'4" [160cm] and weighs 164 lbs [74kg]."

Annually the average American ingests:

85.5 lb (39kg) fats and oils

110 lb (50kg) red meat (62.4 lb/28kg beef and 46.5 lb/21kg pork)

73.6 lb (33kg) poultry (60.4 lb/27kg chicken)

16.1 lb (7kg) fish and shellfish

32.7 lb (39kg) eggs

31.4 lb (39kg) cheese

600.5 lb (272kg) non-cheese dairy products

181 lb (82kg) beverage milks

192.3 lb (87kg) flour and cereal products (134.1 lb/61kg wheat flour)

141.6 lb (64kg) caloric sweeteners (42 lb/19kg corn syrup)

56 lb (25kg) corn

415.4 lb (188kg) vegetables

24 lb (11kg) coffee, cocoa and nuts

273.2 lb (124kg) fruit each year


And this includes:

29 lb (13kg) of French fries

23 lb (10kg) pizza

24 lb (11kg) ice cream

53 gallons (200L) soda

2.736 lb (1.24kg) sodium (47 percent more than recommended)

90,700 mg caffeine