Sri-Lankan tea producers Eswaran Brothers are taking their environmental responsibility seriously and are claiming to be the world's first carbon neutral certified tea company.


According to the December 20 press release all aspects of the company's carbon emitting activities were considered and measured following which Eswaran Brothers then implemented measures to reduce their carbon footprint and purchased carbon offsets from a renewable energy tea plantation in Sri Lanka. The carbon neutral certification was awarded by the Carbon Neutral Company which adheres to the global greenhouse gas emissions measuring standards.

However despite these positive environmental intentions the practice of carbon offsetting has drawn criticism in the past with many environmental organizations questioning whether the process really makes emitters accountable for their actions.

Other tea producers such as Choice Organic Teas, Tetley and Twinings also claim to be taking steps to lower their carbon footprint.

Environmentally conscious consumers can find further information about various companies' ecological impacts and their environmental ranking at Climate Counts and Newsweek which this year published a global green ranking.

Eswaran Brothers produce several brands of tea including Olinda, Today's Taste, Golden Sun Jolly and Jolly Sun all of which are available to buy on their website.

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