Big Think: US Game Show TV CEO David Goldhill talks healthcare

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David Goldhill, the CEO of the Game Show television network, never intended to be at the center of the United States' healthcare debate. After his father died from an infection he caught in a poorly run hospital, Goldhill became obsessed with the health reform, constantly researching it, asking questions, and talking about it at dinner parties.

Finally, a friend asked him to write an essay on his views: when that essay landed in the hands of an Atlantic editor, it got published and became a national sensation. Big Think talked to Goldhill about what he learned and what Obama can do to steer the U.S. in the right direction on health policy.

Goldhill’s proposal of orienting healthcare around the consumer and largely eliminating health insurance as a primary means of health payment is applicable not only in America. In fact, to Goldhill, the most interesting healthcare innovator is Singapore. Here, he talks to Big Think about his vision of an ideal national health care policy.