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On June 8, the online magazine Global Health announced this season the publication will highlight bloggers each issue that are centered around a specific Millennium Development Goal (MDG).

This edition looks at MDG 5 that sets global public health targets to improve maternal health, specifically "reduce by three quarters the maternal mortality ratio and "achieve, by 2015, universal access to reproductive health."

According to EngenderHealth, an international reproductive health organization, last year more than half a million women died during childbirth or pregnancy needlessly.

Here are the selected blog posts from international reproductive health organizations, including Jhpiego, Pathfinder International, EngenderHealth, the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), and the International Women's Health Coalition (IWHC).

Why Can't We Commit to Early Detection?
Leslie Mancuso, the president and CEO of Jhpiego, an international non-profit health organization affiliated with Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, blogs about why policy makers need to commit to expand cervical cancer screening.

3 Billion Reasons to Invest in Young People's Sexual and Reproductive Health
Pathfinder International's Gwyn Hainsworth, Senior Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Advisor, and Kristy Kade, program officer for advocacy, explain in 12 points the importance of addressing the sexual health of half the world's population, all under the age of 25.

Give Access to Long-Acting, Permanent Contraception
Roy Jacobstein, MD, MPH, Medical Director of EngenderHealth, blogs on the need to give access to long-acting permanent contraception to achieve MDG 5.

Protecting the Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Health of our Daughters
Gill Greer, the Director-General of IPPF, blogs with an immediate call for political and financial commitment to adolescent reproductive health.

Achieving Maternal Health
Adrienne Germain, the president of IWHC, highlights recent accomplishments in maternal health but details why the world needs to step up their commitment and go further faster to achieve better maternal health.

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