This year's International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, January 6-9, will spotlight mobile health innovations at the Digital Health Summit, zeroing in on the burgeoning trend of DIY, at-home medical devices.

Industry analysts are expecting these self-monitoring devices, such as smartphones that double as heart rate monitors or mirrors that detect your vital signs, to be one of the biggest trends to sweep through the technology sector in 2011.

The day-long conference, held on January 7, will feature talks from industry leaders and will showcase companies utilizing technology to improve patient care. New techonologies on display will include telehealth systems, therapeutic and diagnostic medical devices, medication monitoring equipment, mobile health devices, remote monitoring devices, robotic prosthetics, and secured wireless communication medical devices.

Dozens of speakers will share their ideas and insights, including headliner Colonel Ron Propatich, MD, deputy director of Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center of the US Army. Also: Eric Taub, health writer at The New York Times; Andrew Arroyo, vice president of information technology of eCardo; Brian Bischoff, president and CEO of Healthsense; as well as top executives or medical directors from such companies as Cisco Systems, Qualcomm, BlueTooth Special Interest Group, Dell, Humana, and Texas Instruments, among many others.

This year, CES will also introduce the "Fitness TechZone," an area dedicated to showcasing high-tech innovations and tools for sports enthusiasts, for the first time. Look for devices such as digital weight scales, pedometers and fitness companions, software programs and applications, and peripherals and games for gaming systems.

Every year the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) features thousands of exhibitors, and last year's event attracted more than 120,000 attendees.