Concept watch doubles as a breathalyzer

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Too buzzed to drive or to call your ex? A new concept watch designed by Tokyoflash Design Studio, makers of high-tech, limited-edition novelty watches from Japan, does more than tell time - it gauges your blood alcohol content.

The new stainless steel watch, announced June 15, features a multi-colored LED backlight that illuminates by touching the display. After a few cocktails, touch the button to activate the breathalyzer feature. Blow into the port on the side of the watch and await your blood alcohol content reading.

"There's no indication that Tokyoflash have any intention of actually manufacturing this particular design," writes tech and gadget website Slashgear, "though the company has crowd-sourced demand for potential products before so there's always a possibility it could jump from drawing board to wrists if interest is high enough."

Another novel way to gauge your sobriety is Chinavasion's Breathalyzer Keychain Car Gadget, which also functions as a flashlight and stopwatch. According to the device's website, after you blow into the mini-breathalyzer for five seconds, a green light indicates you are in the clear to drive, while a yellow light suggests sobering up a bit first. Red light? Hand the keys over to a friend. The device sells for €2.69.

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